A life over three centuries

Story of Marina

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Restaurant of Marina, a place with more than a century of tradition. With pride and passion, we preserve the essence of the traditional galician cuisine, offering our guests a unique experience steeped in authenticity and flavor. Discover how we have evolved over the years to become a reference point for lovers of good food and culinary history.

Fotos Antiguas Del Restaurante A Marina De Camariñas

Marina de Camariñas

150 years of history

The manor house where the Restaurant To Marine has a rich history that dates back to the NINETEENTH century. Initially the property of the family Borrell, then was acquired by the family Fields, who gave life to this iconic establishment culinary reached its peak in the decades of the 60's and 70's of the TWENTIETH century. With over 150 years of history, we are proud to be witnesses of a rooted tradition and a deep love for the cuisine of the Costa da Morte.

This place has become a real temple for lovers of traditional galician cuisine. Each dish we serve is a sample of our commitment with the quality and the authenticity of the regional flavours. In the Restaurant at the Marina, we honor this culinary heritage with each bite, transporting our guests through a culinary experience unique and full of history.

Fotos Antiguas Del Restaurante A Marina De Camariñas
Fotos Antiguas Del Restaurante A Marina De Camariñas
Fotos Antiguas Del Restaurante A Marina De Camariñas


Herminia Borrel

Pintura de Herminia Borrell

The camariñana Herminia Rodriguez Borrell Feijóo, a leading figure and little-recognized in his time, was a woman avant-garde and daring in the society in the province of the twenties. Its history is marked by his marriage with Nubar Gulbenkian, a young Arabic Armenian origin, and heir to an oil empire. Although their marriage was brief, Herminia left an indelible mark on the society of the time and was admired by many, including the Franco himself.

The manor house where is located the Restaurant At Marina saves a family history rooted in Camariñas. It was the residence of Herminia Rodriguez Borrell Feijóo that came from an illustrious family and empowered, linked to the Feijóo Pardiñas. Their roots are intertwined with the legacy of Domingo Antonio Rodriguez Canosa, a patron local emigrated in America that financed the construction of the parish church of St. Jorge of Buria. The family Feijóo Pardiñas, for his part, left a mark significant in the local life of Camariñas throughout the NINETEENTH and TWENTIETH centuries, with prominent members who distinguished themselves in various fields.

The history and legacy of these influential figures are intertwined in the Restaurant at the Marina, where tradition and culinary innovation are merged. It is a place that pays homage to its heritage and is proud to offer an exceptional dining experience in a historic setting and picturesque in the Costa da Morte.


Discover one of the restaurant's most traditional of the Costa da Morte, with a unique history that dates back to the NINETEENTH century


In our restaurant we love all the dishes that highlights the unique flavor of the best products of the Costa da Morte


Tradition without forgetting the innovation in each dish, every day and every idea to bring to your table the best flavors from our kitchen

Our customers


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